My thanks

I would like to thank everyone who is in my life when Rocher Hotel started; I’ve made many friends, gain more hope, and rekindled my passion for voice acting.

To Ven, I hope we can be great friends and maybe still do the thing again that is forgot to do.

To Courtney, you’ll always be my girl from my home state.

To Lance, we should have a battle on who is the freakiest.

To Gabby, I wish the best of luck to your new internship.

To Sean, we both kinda have the same name, and I’ll join your crew if you’ll join mine.

To X and Nanaki, Mau you both have a wondrous marriage and send a video.

To Cody and Morgan, when things get tough, remember that life is the equivalent of buoyancy, for every up there’s a down and vice versa

To Alejandro, I don’t believe that you’re the butt monkey, you have great friends.

To Jane, I don’t trust you since you’re gonna rule the world, but know that I’ll be your greatest rival.

To Hosagi, drink to your hearts content, but not too much and make sure you don’t have an addiction okay?

To Kazu, I’ll try and catch that DK so you could exact revenge okay?

To Luke, let’s just say that you do you and hope that you have every amiibo ever.

To Jacks, … … … fudge the ellipsis, you have a wonderful voice.

To Tillman, I know your name and you’re an artist, us artists must stick together for the greater good.

To Chris, you are one of my idols, you’ve introduced me to the hotel. I thank you.

What I’m going to do is renovate my hotel, Rocher Hotel in Cyan Sea. That way when the old hotel turned into a memorial, they’ll have some place to stay. That’s what a manager does after all.


Rocher review

Hey boo! My name is Shawn, or in this case, Onikisu Arcangel, though you can call me Magenta (if you like.) I am the manager to the lovely Rocher Hotel in the Cyan Sea. Don’t get me twisted with Faulerro, my boss, he’s basically Lord Fluffybuns if he’s… diabolical. All of your accommodations in the hotel are best suited for your needs. Well, all hotels in the Rocher department is the same as ours, just that one of the differences between RHCS and the other hotels is that the RHCS is one big board game. Yes that’s also one big feat as well since it’s based on Mario Party. Also it’s under construction so not everything is finished. We do have beds and plasma screen televisions in every room, though it’s basically a comfortable futon and a big 90’s t.v. with themed channels. Oh, we also have sectors depending on your environment, not by money but by setting. Let’s say a person wants to check in the hotel, we then give them a survey about personal preference, allergies, sexual preference, etc. Now then let’s say that that hypothetical person has a tree allergy, enjoys the nightlife, and their favorite moment in Undertale is the Mettaton boss battle; we just simply put him in the musical sector of the hotel, the 8th Note. We also have sectors based on the members with the platinum card like the Lance Factory, Cadet Hat Docks, Kuriboh Dungeon, and many more. If you need anymore questions, contact me okay.

~ Onikisu

Also, 4 ½ stars.

Ghost Town Daisies

Did you know I have a Mario team? Yep, the Ghost Town Daisies, Daisy and Boo. I think I have fandom of it but because I can’t remember it and I’m on a tight schedule, I’m only going to give you a brief. They both are music artists and one of their CD’s is called “Class of ’88-’89.


Nanako Dojima.

I have an idea for a card but it’s too risky for me. Either way here’s just a quick sketch, scan, re-sketch, and color of Nanako Dojima of the Persona series. I don’t think I own her, Atlus does. To be honest, I don’t know how these copyrights work.


(Thank heavens that I’d signed my name.)

Edit: Brett from Sega Addicts like her right?